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The Last Grandmaster

The Last Grandmaster
A chilling short story of International Intrigue

                                   Four seconds in Dallas 
                        that changed the course of history

On the evening of May 5th 1972, a walk-in to the Canadian Embassy in Rome identified himself to the ambassador as a KGB agent and asked for sanctuary with the Americans.  In exchange, he would give up perishable information which he claimed was crucial to America’s immediate well-being.  But his proposal came with a caveat.  He would only surrender to a deep-cover operative known to the Soviets as Pegasus. The deal was made and the Russian soon proved to be the highest-ranking Soviet asset ever to turn on his masters, and what he divulged to Pegasus in the days that followed both stunned and angered the American to the very core of his being. The Last Grandmaster is a story that will continue to haunt the reader long after the last sentence is read.


Coming-- Fall 2016

ustin Scott is back with a larger-than-life international thriller.

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At the end of the short story
 The Last Grandmaster
you will find a Bonus Read....

 The first three chapters of
The Masada Option
Book 3 of the Justin Scott Thriller Series

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